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Professional     Confidential     Solution-Focused

Consultation with a psychologist is a partnership between a client and a skilled professional that enables the client to reach their full potential and meet their personal goals.
Counselling is appropriate for anybody seeking personal growth or those who are struggling with a problem and require effective strategies to overcome personal challenges.

If you are a healthy person experiencing difficulties such as:counselling chairs
• Relationship or marital issues
• Parenting problems
• Anxiety, depression or phobias
• Problems socializing
• Low self-esteem or self-worth
• Conflict or anger
• Grief and trauma
You are likely to find counselling can vastly increase your quality of life and improve significant relationships.

At Clarity Sdn Bhd, we currently have five therapists who are trained in Canada, Singapore, Australia, India and the Netherlands. We have male and female therapists, both Muslim and non-Muslim, who can work in English and Malay.

• It is not necessary to be referred by a physician. You can call and make an appointment- even if it is just for one appointment to talk about an issue.

• It is best to see a counsellor before problems become larger and more destructive, ways of thinking and behaving become harder to change and relationships are further damaged.

• Sessions are usually once or twice a week, but can be less frequent depending upon the severity of the problem.

• Most people will make substantial progress toward their goals in 8 to 15 sessions. Some people who are dealing with particularly complex issues may wish to continue therapy for 20 or more sessions. Some consultations may be as short as 1 or 2 sessions.

•The fee for counselling is between $80 and $110 for each hour-long appointment.

• Counselling or assessment at Riverview Medical Clinic is professional and confidential.

• The counselling room is a private, comfortable and relaxing environment that will put you at ease.

• No problem is too inconsequential or embarrassing. If it is affecting your life, it deserves attention.

•Counselling and is done in English and Malay. We will work with you to find translators if you prefer to work in other languages.

•Counselling is multi-cultural and respectful of all religions, cultures and beliefs.