Assessments provide peace of mind. They allow you to understand what is happening with yourself or a loved one when there is atypical development or behaviour. A careful assessment is essential for accurately diagnosing specific issues so that the appropriate intervention can be applied.

Assessments can determine an individual’s intellectual level or cognitive functioning; identify learning disabilities; or diagnose the presence of issues like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, language and speech issues/delays, sensory integration problems, physical or motor skill issues.

Assessments provide information that assists an individual in understanding him or herself and making important choices. Personality testing and aptitude testing are useful in making educational and career choices and self-development.


Assessments are useful to organisations  that would like mental health screenings for job applicants or testing to determine candidate suitability for certain jobs.

Assessments can determine impairment or trauma for legal cases, like assessing the presence of PTSD after an accident.

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