Organisational Facilitation

You’ve recruited and hired the best people.  You’ve put in place the systems and processes to ensure maximum effect.  Still, you could be more effective, more competitive or more profitable.  Something is stopping your staff from becoming the creative, dynamic and synergized team that they can be.

Clarity Facilitation can help.  We specialize in solving problems of human dynamics – teamwork, effective communication, conflict resolution, leadership, interpersonal relations and emotional intelligence are some of the “soft skills” issues that we help organisations to overcome in order that they reach their full potential.  Read further to learn how Clarity Facilitation can help your organisation overcome problems and reach further in its quest for excellence.

 About Clarity Facilitation

Clarity Sdn Bhd is a small specialised consultancy in Brunei.  We work with the region’s leading organizations, both private and public to help them achieve their goals.

Mission Statement

Clarity Facilitation helps organizations better leverage their own potential to achieve objectives. Our strength lies in assessing and understanding barriers to success, then creating customized solutions that lead organisations toward success in a carefully managed environment.

Specializations include:

  • Facilitating Professional Development programs for leading organizations:
    • Team Development and enhancement
    • Effective Communication
    • Leadership Development
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Organisational objective setting and strategy formulation
    • Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Change Management
    • How to effectively manage others
    • Improving Emotional Intelligence
    • Interpersonal Dynamics
    • Effective Decision Making
    • Customer Service
    • Cross-cultural Relations
    • Achieving work/life balance
  • Assisting organizations in defining and understanding their target markets through focus groups
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research to measure key indicators such as employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Coaching executives to perform effectively and confidently
  • Facilitating mission development, strategic planning and prioritization of objectives

Our clients include:

BSP, BLNG, BMC, Total, HSBC, Baiduiri Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, British High Commission in Brunei, Australian High Commission in Brunei, Ministry of Defense, Yayasan School, Jerudong International School, St George’s School, Empire Hotel and Country Club, Pizza Hut, CfBT and Brunei Investment Agency among others.

Our Competitive Advantages:

  • Over a decade of professional international facilitation experience
  • We establish long-term partnerships with our clients to assess and meet their needs now and into the future
  • We are a local company with a deep understanding of local and foreign culture
  • We provide value to our clients, helping them to perform more effectively, more efficiently and to higher standards
  • Experienced in the use of personality profiling instruments
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • California Psychological Inventory
    • Strong Interest Inventory

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the art and science of enabling people to reach their objectives. Our role is to design an environment for participants to create, manage and take ownership of their group processes and reach outcomes that advance those objectives.

As facilitators, we provide the framework for the people in your organisation to identify obstacles, collaborate on solutions and achieve their objectives using the knowledge, experience and skills they already possess.  After all, your people are the foremost experts regarding your organisation and the only ones who can implement the solutions required.  We tap into this expertise and desire for improvement by establishing the appropriate framework.


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